All Dressed Up…But Not Ready To Go!

Steven, 44, arrived here for our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program almost 9 months ago. His accumulated years of addiction had negatively impacted his life, career and marriage long enough — so his wife told him to get to Helping Up Mission!

With a spiritual background, Steven knew he wasn’t doing right, but found himself powerless to change…and his drug addiction was a central issue that had to be addressed.

So, from the day he arrived, it seemed to me that Steven was a man on a mission — a mission to find God’s plan for his life and then follow it. He availed himself of every opportunity for a positive experience he could find here at HUM — including classes, counseling and a good group of peers.

Now clean and focused in his thinking, Steven began considering his future. He and his wife regrouped in their relationship and church became an important influence in his life again.

As for his career…at the point when he was eligible to go back to work, Steven chose to go earn a certificate in culinary arts. Last week I saw him in our parking lot just shining in his white chef’s outfit, his name embroidered on his pocket.

Steven was returning from his graduation ceremony with both his certification of completion and his ServeSafe certification from the National Restaurant Association.

We talked about future plans. Of course, he’s planning on working in the food service industry, but he doesn’t have the pressure of finding a job right away. He’ll keep looking until the right one appears.

What his wife wants him to do is stay here till he graduates from HUM, too!

It’s one day at a time for Steven…and his wife. And they’re walking this thing together — under God.

One Day at a Time for the rest of us, too!
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director