New Year’s Eve…Labor Day…Thanksgiving 2015

After 8 years of sobriety and step work, Robert took a drink…and it started a 24-year run!

Then last New Year’s Eve, Robert’s neighbor asked him to support her at an AA meeting. They went and Robert made a few new acquaintances, saw some old friends from 24 years ago, and ran into his son — now 4 years clean, himself — whom Robert hadn’t seen in 6 years.

But Robert kept drinking…lost his job and his place…and became homeless. Yet, shame and pride kept Robert from getting help. Then 2 months ago he was standing outside a store window. A lady came out and asked if she could help him and he said no.

She went back, he continued standing there and she came out again. “I know you,” she said. But Robert didn’t know her.

“You’re Rich’s father. I met you at an AA meeting 9 months ago! Here, call this number and go there — they’ll help you.” It was Helping Up Mission.

But Robert hadn’t heard good things about missions and said so. “I wouldn’t send Rich’s dad anywhere that wouldn’t be good for him. In fact, go to this AA meeting tonight and you’ll meet some HUM guys there — talk with them.”

His need and her genuine care got Robert to that meeting. He talked with those guys and decided to come for our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program.

But, being Labor Day weekend, no intake again till Tuesday. So Robert went to another meeting that night…met a few more HUM guys…and an old AA friend.

His old friend took Robert home for the weekend, fed him, gave him clean clothes and brought him that Tuesday morning to HUM.

Robert shared his story in class this week…Happy Thanksgiving, Robert!

Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director