Raven Invasion Continues…They Just Keep Coming!

Since his first Thanksgiving in Baltimore — after arriving with Head Coach John Harbaugh 8 years ago — Ravens Senior Offensive Assistant Coach Craig Ver Steeg has been investing ministry time here at Helping Up Mission.

Coach Craig, as he’s known here, shows up frequently throughout the year to share with HUM guys the spiritual lessons he’s learning daily in his own life and how those principles can apply to each of them, as well.

During the two weeks following the Ravens Super Bowl XLVII victory, Coach Craig stopped by HUM twice to talk with the guys. Such a special event in his life, he came to share it with his friends!

I was Craig’s main contact here, but I was on my archaeology dig in Jordan at the time…turns out he doesn’t come to HUM to talk with me!

In recent years Coach Craig’s also showed up for our annual HUM Graduation Dinner at Martin’s West — where we honor that year’s graduating class. Before the ceremony begins Coach meets with all the HUM grads, band, singers and ushers…and he gives them a “pre-game pep talk!”

So, I wasn’t surprised to hear from Coach Craig about coming to serve Thanksgiving Dinner here yesterday. And this time he and his son, Ian, brought reinforcements!

Ravens Offensive Coordinator Mark Trestman, Offensive Coach Andy Bischoff and his brother Peter along with HUM favorite Justin Tucker and wife Amanda all served yesterday, as well.

No cameras, no media, no PR — just thankful people serving thankful people!

And, for the 3rd time in 2 weeks, the Baltimore Ravens showed up to give a shot of hope to a bunch of guys looking for some hope…answers…and empowerment.

Thanks Coach and company!
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director