Slow but Steady Wins the Race…& Gets the Job!

I think Pete would agree with 7th century BC Greek author Aesop: “Slow but steady wins the race.” At least that’s how it’s worked for Pete in his recovery here at Helping Up Mission.

A hard-working old construction guy — layoffs, slow downs and the daily wear and tear of his profession left Pete tired and beat up when he arrived here.

He was also pretty jaded about life, skeptical about anything someone might suggest and nervous about his future.

And there was his chemical addiction. To paraphrase another old guy, Aristotle (4th century BC), I’m not sure which came first — the chicken or the egg…that is, Pete’s job troubles or his addiction.

Either way, in our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program because he had no better options, Pete kept to himself and quietly did what we asked him to do.

In time, Pete became more comfortable with himself and his life — and eventually was ready to get back to work. Done with construction, he wanted steady hours with benefits. Pete wanted a new career… with a particular employer.

Now a HUM grad living in graduate transitional housing here on campus, Pete started with that employer — through a temporary employment agency. Recognized for his work ethic and solid daily performance, he started feeling good about a permanent position there.

But the employment agency moved Pete elsewhere…and he shined there, too! In fact, they offered him a full-time position!

But, after talking with our Vocational Coordinator, Pete said “no thanks” and told the agency what he really wanted. Eventually sent back there — Pete got the permanent job he wanted a month ago!

Not quite so jaded anymore, Pete’s feeling pretty good about his future. In fact, he even smiled — broadly — telling me this story!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director