“My sobriety date is my humanity date”

"When we're children, and our parents tell us not to touch the stove, we touch it anyway… And that's how I feel alcohol was. It was a part of my journey, much like a snake; I respect it, and it's not gonna be a part of my life anymore. I often say that my sobriety date is my humanity date. It's when I became a man again. It's when I became human, and I was able to love myself and love others through the love of God in Christ. My car is always open, and any man that wants to go to a meeting anywhere in the area can get in my car. They just have to come and do it, they have to want it. And we go all around Maryland. I tell the guys that we have the opportunity to change one life today, to make one person feel loved. And we take that forward to different churches and different meetings, and it's starting to come around where those faces are ending up here (at HUM). We have the opportunity to show through our mistakes, with the grace of God, how to give back and take some humility out of it all." —– Drew, 571 days #sober, is #givingback as a staff member and fellow human being at HUM Check out Drew and 2 other men working #step12 in the video link in our profile! #soberlife #recovery #love #heardatHUM

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