The Break Up (poem video)

The Break Up
by Harold Duppins

There was a time that we were inseparable
My love for you was such that I couldn’t live without you
I cherished you with all my time, all my willingness
I was so obsessed with you
That I was blinded by my own lust
Tortured by an uncontrollable need
To always have you near

I clung to you like a child with a new toy
Never wanting to let you go
Never wanting you out of my life
My heart and my mind was a batch of emotions
Thrown together in a mass of confusion

My eyes slowly became open
And I could see the reality of you
I could see the false love, the false passion
That captured me like a young lion
That strayed away from his mother

The more I saw less of you, the less I needed you
You can no longer seduce me
Nor tempt me with your deadly passions
I will no longer search for you
Nor call out to you in the middle of the night

I will not be persuaded by memories of past love for you
Our relationship has come to its end
I have a new love who is faithful and loving to me
She will not invade my heart with false hopes
Her name is Sobriety


For years, men in the addiction recovery program at Helping Up Mission have written poetry as a part of their recovery process. Now, they have gathered, edited, and published a sampling of their writings as a book: War of Grace: Poems from the Front Lines of Recovery. This video was produced in collaboration with the amazing team at Mozell Films.

You can download the ebook and audiobook: free of charge, at: