Encouraging Each Other

Occasionally one of our Program men winds up incarcerated over past issues. When he gets locked up we always put him on our daily prayer sheet. Then, every couple of weeks we write to him. Men who came into our Program when he did write a note of encouragement. But other men, who came in since he left and have never met him before, also write. They know him by name, since we have been praying for him every day, and many of them have been right where he is.

We have been praying for Jose this past month. A couple of weeks ago, we sent his a letter which included notes from 40 different guys. This week, we received a letter back from Jose, including a personal note to everyone of the guys who wrote him, thanking them for their words of encouragement and support.

Frequently, the men who get locked up for a short period are able to come back here to us. Tony was one of those guys – and a recipient of 5 months of this kind of letter from our program members. So appreciative of their value to a man’s life behind bars, he has taken in upon himself to oversee this ministry of writing to guys.

You can’t manufacture this kind of love and concern for others – but it happens when someone gets real about their own life and spiritual walk. If you would like to join your prayers with ours for the men on our list this week, please remember Jason and Alan. I will also keep you updated in the future on how it is going in the lives of each one of these guys. Thanks for caring.

Gary Byers
Director of Spiritual Life