I absolutley love my job!

When people hear what I do every day, they usually say something like, “Boy, that must be a difficult job!” They can’t imagine that working every day with a total population of 400 addicted men, in downtown Baltimore no less, would be anything but the most difficult of duty assignments.

Yet, if you have ever spent much time down here, you know that exactly the opposite is true! People love coming down here to the 1000 block of East Baltimore Street and doing what they can to support the men who are in recovery here. I absolutely love my job! God put me here and it is the most meaningful thing I have ever done in my life.

But… this doesn’t mean that every day somebody doesn’t break my heart – which is, of course, what folks meant by the quote above. Yes, EVERY day I hurt over a decision one of our men makes. But EVERY time that happens, I look around and see 5 men who are really working on something and really finding answers. Then I run in to a graduate who has been clean, back with his family and working 3 years – and I know that all is well in East Baltimore. Thanks to the many of you who help make this a reality every day!

Gary Byers
Director of Spiritual Life