Little Changes

Yesterday Pat Goodman, a teaching pastor at Grace Fellowship Church in Timonium, shared with me a challenging and inspirational thought. He said, “You can radically change your life by making small life changes.” I know he is right.
I’m training for the Baltimore Half-Marathon on October 11th. We’re raising money for the men at Helping Up Mission. That means setting time for running four times each week. It means reordering my life so 8 hours of running time is available. So, I get up an hour earlier each morning and I experience the beauty of sunrise. I go to bed earlier so I don’t watch TV in the evening when I normally want to snack. I’m losing weight, getting fit and praying while running.
Yes, running is hard but it is changing my life in a variety of ways that I need and want. When I think of not showing up for training, I remind myself that the price of not running is one I’m not willing to pay. Like Pat said, little changes with real commitment and staying power can really change our lives!
Bob Gehman
Executive Director