Sometimes It Takes A While

One of the counselors who volunteers their time here at Helping Up Mission is Leslie. She works in one of the local hospitals and often refers men to our Program. Leslie was stopped in for a visit today and was introduced to a class of new guys. One of them, Nate, stood up and said that some time ago Leslie had worked with him in the hospital. She wrote him a letter of introduction to Helping Up Mission and he was supposed to come right over when he left the hospital.

Well, Nate didn’t come and went back out to his addiction instead. But he kept Leslie’s sealed letter with him. After a few months, still in active addiction, he pulled out her still sealed letter and decided to open it. He read what she said about him and thought about the possibility of finding answers at the place she recommended.

This time, Nate decided to follow through and brought Leslie’s letter to the Mission. He joined our Spiritual Recovery Program, but then got arrested for past offenses (see my blog on 9/23). He served his time and returned to our Program last week. He was really pleased to see Leslie today – and she was pretty happy to see him here, too!

So many folks do so many wonderful things to help men get to Helping Up Mission and find hope. Thanks to all of you who do, and thanks also for all of you who support them once they are here.

Gary Byers
Director of Spiritual Life