A Revelation of Powerlessness

Recent events in our country and around the world remind me that we are so fragile. Even the wealthy and most powerful people among us are humbled quickly. My conversations with people who understand the financial markets and the economy really don’t understand the depth of our problems and how to fix it.
For a long term addict who wants to get well, the beginning point is a revelation of powerlessness, and the need for help from a power greater then ourselves. Only then does real help come. That spiritual place of admitting our powerlessness might be the place where our country’s leaders need to be to begin solving our nation’s financial woes. True humility helps addicts overcome addiction, it always helps me overcome my issues. I know it will help our country overcome its addiction to money and power as well. I believe humility and total trust in God one day at a time will lead us through these troubling times safely.
Bob Gehman
Executive Director