Invest with Confidence, God’s Economy is Stable

We are all wondering and worrying about the effect the economy will have on organizations like Helping Up Mission. Even more, what about the poor who depend upon the “HUM’s” of the world for their basic needs? Since we don’t know the future, maybe we should be prepared for the worst. Until our economy stabilizes, maybe we lose our sense of balance because we can’t plan the future by looking at our history.
I’ve been thinking – – – maybe God wants it this way so we don’t rely upon our good planning, or lean on our own understanding. Maybe we are to simply trust in God’s promise to provide for all our needs. One thing is for certain – God’s economy is stable and we can invest in it with confidence. Our investments are insured by God’s ability to keep his word.
So we move forward preparing for whatever God wants us to experience; knowing if it is the worst from our human perspective, it is always good from His. We will survive because God really does care about the poor and he blesses those who help him care for them.
In God’s care,

Bob Gehman

Executive Director