Prayer Works!!

Every day we create a prayer list of requests from our program men and then we pray over each name. This daily exercise has a phenomenal impact on all the men who come into our Spiritual Recovery Program.

Almost every day, somebody speaks up in class and reports how what we prayed about yesterday, last week, or even daily for a few months, has come to pass. They are so excited and grateful to God! It really is a special time as man after man experiences God’s grace and power in his life, and it is a really powerful encouragement to the next guy to give prayer a try, too.

Steve has been struggling since he got here about his family. While he is here – getting help, finding answers and feeling support – his wife is out there in the city living in active addiction. Every day, faithfully, he has put her on the prayer list and every day we pray for her and her situation by name.

This week, Steve came to me just beaming. His wife is no longer on the streets – she was picked up by the police and incarcerated! I never saw anyone so pleased about a loved one going to jail€¦but Steve knew this was an answer to his prayers and he is now trusting God for the next step in her life. The whole situation has had a powerful impact on Steve and the guys who know him.

I am happy to report to you that God is alive and well in East Baltimore.

Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director

P.S. If you have any special prayer requests you want the men of Helping Up Mission to pray for, send it to