Can’t Keep A Good Man Down!!!

While Vernon had a successful career in sales, he also had a drug addiction that sabotaged all he could accomplish professionally and personally.  So, in December 2009, he arrived at Helping Up Mission, connected to God and began to blossom as a person (Vernon was the cover story of our HUM Chronicle newsletter in May 2011).  In fact it was a special weekend restriction, where he just sat still, began to read his Bible and memorize some assigned verses, that opened his heart!  He hasn’t been the same since. 

One year later, on his mother’s 75th birthday, Vernon graduated from our Spiritual Recovery Program, now also an employee at the University of Maryland Hospital.  He continued to live on campus in our Graduate Transitional Housing and life was good, except…in October 2010, Vernon had surgery for cancer.  But it’s hard to keep a good man down – so after a little recuperation, he was back up and at it again – cancer free.

Today Vernon is working in the hospital’s cancer unit, offering support and hope to others.  AND, one year after his cancer surgery, Vernon got married to Angela!  Congratulations, you guys!


God is good, all the time – we just need to stop fighting His program and learn how to get with it.

One blessing at a time,

Pastor Gary Byers

Spiritual Life Director


(A couple of photos from Vernon’s wedding taken by HUM board member Dave McQuay)