Christmas Time at Helping Up Mission

Last night we had our seventh annual Helping Up Mission Board of Directors and Staff Christmas Reception. It is one of those times of the year when almost everyone is in the same place at the same time and we can catch up with what is happening in each other’s lives. It is also a chance to meet spouses and friends who make their own special commitments enabling and empowering us to do what we do here.

Of course, the food from Atlantic Caterers was outstanding (especially the crab dip!) and there was plenty left that went down to the kitchen – but is probably already gone as I write this the next morning.

While last night both Board President Ted Wiese and Executive Director Bob Gehman were not in attendance (business travel and sickness, respectively), we did have 13 new staff members and guests who were not with us last year.

The event has been organized and sponsored by board member Dave McQuay and his wife Carole (who started and directs our art therapy program – see my 7/23/10 blog). They are also the ones who annually set up and decorate Christmas trees all over our campus – 15 trees this Christmas. Of course, they are also the ones who undecorate and take down the trees, too! Thank you both so much for your continued labors of love. 

This place works because of the wonderful people God sends here to help. Our board and staff are just a few of the many who make such a difference. Thanks to all of you for caring and sharing with of us here at Helping Up Mission.

One Holiday at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director