Redskins and Recovery

This weekend things were normal – the Ravens did what they do and the Redskins did what they do. The Ravens won (10-3) and the Redskins lost (4-9). Our campus is a stronghold of Ravens support and I have come to really appreciate the Ravens attitude and style. Of course, they have also invested significantly in us here and it is fun being associated with a winner.
But everybody around here knows I have been a Redskins fan for decades, which has been pretty painful lately. In truth, I grew up a Baltimore Colts fan (good old Johnny U!), but eventually living in the DC area and moving to Frederick in the ‘70’s, I jumped on the Redskins bandwagon.
So back to the present…I was not really discouraged after the Skins loss to the New England Patriots yesterday. Even though it was their 9th loss of the season, they did not quit and actually could have won the game.
So, I got to thinking…Redskins football these days is a lot like the recovery of guys here at Helping Up Mission. Often the way we go about things isn’t all that pretty and, honestly, there aren’t a lot of great victories. But our guys don’t quit, either. Even though some do really stupid stuff, they get back up and go after it again. Even guys who left here frequently come back because they know it was working and it felt good to be going in the right direction.
So, whether the Redskins win another game this season or not, men of HUM hang in there and don’t quit. This is not just a game!
One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director