9 Reasons to Join Team HUM

Every October, we participate in the Baltimore Running Festival. Not only is HUM one of the official charity partners, but we also field a team of the most dedicated, passionate, kindhearted, and good-looking runners and walkers in Baltimore (OK, maybe we exaggerated that last one).

Team HUM is only successful because people like you have stepped up and decided to take action. And now we need you again. This year, we want to field a team of at least 60 runners on Saturday, October 13th. Here are 9 reasons why you should consider joining Team HUM:

1. Help the Men
More than anything else, this is the reason we do what we do. Running the race, raising support, getting the word out, and showing our dedication all help the men of Baltimore. They are our mission.

2. Help the Mission
When you help the men, you help the Mission. The running festival is our favorite event because HUM gets so much publicity and love from the community. Then we invest all that support into our men.

3. Physical Fitness

Obviously, it’s good for you. Go outside, get the blood pumping, strengthen your muscles, sharpen your mind. Walking and running have all these benefits and more.

4. Official Team HUM Shirt

OK. Let’s be honest. The official Team HUM tech shirt is a pretty sweet shirt. All the other runners will wish they had one.

5. Camaraderie
You’ll meet lots of cool people. Team HUM is made up of volunteers, HUM staff and board members, and even men from our program. We work together, help each other, and make sure everyone succeeds.

6. Participate in the Life of the City

It happens to all of us sometimes. We get stuck in our routine, our comfort zone. But it’s good to get out and join in with the rest of our community. The Baltimore Running Festival is one of those times.

7. Share Your Passion

Nothing is more exciting than sharing your passions. Have you ever wondered how to tell your friends about the great work here at HUM? Well, this is the perfect opportunity.

8. Energize Your Relationships
Nothing creates a bond of community better than a common cause. Recruit your friends and family to help you with training and fundraising. You’ll be amazed by how those relationships strengthen and grow.

9. Have Fun
This may be the most obvious reason of all. It’s just a ton of fun. After all the training, fundraising, and racing, you’ll finish the day on October 13th with a big smile on your face. We promise.

Join with 30+ runners and walkers who have already signed up. Trust us, it’s totally worth it.

Would you join Team HUM today?