Father’s Day 2012

Today is Father’s Day 2012.  I didn’t get to see my wife at all yesterday and she is working the evening shift at the hospital today. But I did hear from my son, Tim, and daughter, Andrea, both living in CA.

I didn’t get to see my father and mother today because they attended the funeral of Tom, a longtime friend in PA.  That is not a normal Father’s Day activity, but it was necessary for that family at this time. 

Pastor John is a good friend of Helping Up Mission and his son passed away this past week.  Today Pastor John preached a Father’s Day message at church.  That is not how we think it should be, but it is for him and his wife today.

For most people, Father’s Day is probably a pleasant day with family activities.  Yet many others aren’t in a situation where they can be with family and for them this is not a day of pleasant activities. 

So, I thought about it – I am a blessed guy!  My mother and father are still alive and together and I will see them both soon.  My kids are fine and both let me know they were thinking of me today.  I got to see my wife this morning and she is coming back home tonight.  I also received some nice messages from friends today, too.

I don’t know about your Father’s Day 2012, but I know your Heavenly Father greatly loves you and has some special things planned for your life.  But you have to choose to either appreciate and receive it or fight His plan, His way in His time.  I truly recommend the former.   

Blessings on you all day long,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director