Friends at Fairview Chapel

The weekend storms left lots of folks without power throughout the region. We were fortunate in Frederick County and had minimal damage. While grateful, we pray for our friends and neighbors who are still struggling.

Sunday night I spoke at a small one-room chapel with no electricity or running water near my home. The chapel is a favorite at Christmas and for small intimate weddings. It was in the high 90’s that evening and we actually met in the church yard.    

This is an annual event for me over the last few years. They know where I work and appreciate what we do here at HUM. The crowd of 23 that night sent me home with a check of $500 for the work of Helping Up Mission.

There are so many wonderful folks who do so many amazing things to support our work. Thanks for all the good things you do for the Cause – whether here at HUM or elsewhere.  It’s an eternal investment.

One Investment at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director