Disrespect on I-70

Last week, about 6AM, I was driving I-70 in the slow lane at about 70 mph.  A dumptruck from the weigh station was on the access ramp to I-70.  I normally pull into the center lane, but a car was coming fast on my left and it would have caused them to slow down.  Besides, the dumptruck wasn’t going fast yet and still had a quarter-mile of access ramp.  Got the picture?

The car passing on my left slowed down at the last moment, probably thinking I was coming into their lane.  But I had focused on the dumptruck who kept inching into my lane with plenty of ramp still ahead of him.  I hate it when two of us want to be in the same space at the same time!

I got past the dumptruck, annoyed at his pushiness, and then saw that the other car had slowed.  I guess all the dumptruck driver saw was me on the inside lane and the other guy slowed down and he felt I should have moved over. 

The car sped up and passed me.  About 10 miles down the road the dumptruck came up beside me in the center lane.  I was still doing 70 mph in the slow lane and he slowed down to give me a hand signal!

So now I’ve been disrespected!  Pondering my options, I considered ramming his drumptruck with my Chevy Cavalier – but didn’t want to be late for work, so kept going! 

After another 20 miles I repented of my attitude.  He misunderstood my actions and maybe was already having a bad day.  I even prayed for him (and not to run out of gas!).

Thanks for letting me share.  I feel better already!

One trip at a time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Not too Spiritual Life Director