Stuart and William

Stuart’s birthday was last Friday.  A longtime member of HUM’s Board of Directors, he has been battling medical problems for months.

We have a tradition here at HUM – our resident artists create cards for special occasions.  It was suggested at the last minute that we make one for Stuart, so I headed to class looking for one of our artist guys.  William had a free hour that day and had decided to stop by my classroom.  Before he even got to his seat, I enlisted his help.  Sean, another artist among us, got him some materials and he created the card during my class!*

While participating in our discussion, William finished the card before class was over and decided to make another one, too – in preparation for my next rush job!  Both are beautiful, created from his head in just minutes.

All the guys signed the card and we sent it to Stuart, whose note back to us said how it brightened his day.  Thanks, William, for using your God-given talents. 

One Day at a Time,

Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director

 * PS  I spent 12 years as a local high school cross country, indoor and outdoor track coach in the ‘80s–‘90s.  One spring semester a 9th grade English teacher went on maternity leave and I finished the year for her.  We were reading Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice and I decided to use a strategy I learned in church to help my students focus.  I talked them into bringing coloring books and crayons from home and, while some read, the rest sat at their desks and colored.  They named each picture after something from the play and I put them on my classroom wall.  It worked well with the students, but I don’t remember getting any awards from the principal!