Worthless Chaplain’s Assistants

Been thinking about all the guys whose daily work therapy assignment at Helping Up Mission was to help me serve all the other men in our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program.  Their title is Chaplain’s Assistant – affectionately referred to as “Worthless Chaplain’s Assistants” by me!

I call them that for two reasons: 1.) The other guys think they have it made in this job; and 2.) Sometimes think they have arrived, too!  So together we work at helping as many men as possible every day here.

Yesterday, Director of Programs Tom Bond and I made a quick list of my Chaplain’s Assistant over my 12 years in this job.  Some of them did not finish the Program, themselves, but a high percentage did.  While I’m a little shakey about the order – Donnell, Darrell, Tom (Bond, himself!), Raynard, Al, Jason, Matt, Sean, Andrew, Chris, Eric, Bryan, David, Pat, aonther David, Kevin and today Shawn!

Of this crew, today Tom, both Davids and Pat serve with me as HUM staff members.  Admittedly, I would like to take credit for any and all of their successes, but the fact is I was given capable guys who consciously worked their recovery and were willing to help others.  All of us at HUM have benefited from their efforts over the years.

One Man at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director