Not on My Watch!

Kenny’s a “mature” adult who managed to drink himself into oblivion. He lost everything, including a good career and nice income. But most of all he lost self-respect and nothing mattered any longer. K was done with this life!

While managing to alienate almost everyone in his life, Kenny had a grown daughter, a medical professional, living in the area – and she still loved him and believed in him. Finding out how bad things got, she went to his side.

Like good daughters do, she refused to enable the old guy in his addiction. She helped him clean up his mess and get his stuff together where he was living. Once that was done, she drove him to Helping Up Mission.

After he arrived here, Kenny told me his daughter made it clear to him, “I won’t let you die like this – not on my watch!” Too sick and tired to fight her, Kenny joined our 12-month Spiritual Recovery Program.

It’s been six months now and it is hard to believe this is the same guy she pushed in our doors that first day. His thinking has changed and once again he can see a plan and purpose for his life. Even career opportunities are beginning to open up for Kenny again.

K’s daughter continues to visit him every weekend. She loves her father and would not let him live that way – at least not on her watch!

One Dad at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director