Jerry-Rigging Johnny’s Doing Just Fine Today!

Just saw Johnny outside. He was doing the kind of “jerry-rig” mainentance on his car that many of us have to do from time to time.But he was so upbeat about his life and job – a joy to talk with. It’s hard to believe this is the same guy who arrived here in 2010.

An alcoholic who had lost his faith, all hope and struggled with suicidal thoughts, Johnny last held a steady job in 2006. He was bitter and withdrawn when he got here. But he stayed! Slowly he began to feel some hope and then began to see some answers. Finally, Johnny began to experience some real supernatural empowerment in his life.

You could actually see life came back into his eyes and sense faith in his heart again. Johnny got to where he not only accepted his situation for what it was, but began to embrace it, tackle it and attempt to make the most of every opportunity.

Not that everything’s perfect – he’s still jerry-rigging that car! But Johnny sees things differently these days. He lives on campus in our Graduate Transitional Housing. He’s now using his old skills as a heavy equipment operation in a job he’s enjoying. Johnny said he still doesn’t have a girlfriend, but thinks that might be best now, too!

For Johnny life is good and he knows how it works…

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director