Proverb for the Day 13:4 — Who Wants What?

The sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.

Everyone has desires, but day in and day out some people don’t seem to have theirs fulfilled. While this verse discusses desires (“craves” and “desires”), it is not really about them.

Furthermore, at issue is not even if desires are good or bad. While the term “craves” in this translation probably has a negative connotation to us, the actual Hebrew word does not. It’s simply a desire, neither good nor bad.

Instead the focus of this verse is the difference between the people who “get nothing” and those who “are fully satisfied.” Here, the lazy (“sluggard”) don’t and the hardworking (“the diligent”) do.

It’s not that sluggards are wicked people, they are just not disciplined and focused to do right things. They don’t follow through and consequently, don’t get to enjoy the things they desire to have or experience.

Interestingly, the verse does not discuss the relationship of these guys with God. Spiritual guys can be lazy and unspiritual guys can be diligent! This verse is all about character.

Character defects keep the sluggard from the enablement and empowerment to experience the many good things in life that could be available to him. Add a spiritual dimension to his life and it can take everything to a whole other level. God is good and He does make a difference!