Cooking Up A Storm!

Chuck stopped by my class last week. I haven’t seen him in months and lost track of him. He looked great and was really excited about all God is doing in his life.

Arriving at Helping Up Mission nine months ago, Chuck had been struggling with drugs for 32 years. While his addiction got progressively worse, he was generally able to keep working somewhere.

Chuck’s field was the food service industry, and he started by bussing tables and serving. One day he made a comment about the food at work. The cook said, “If you think you can do it better, go ahead and try!”

He did…and the restaurant hired him to cook, too! That has now been Chuck’s world for decades, so when he arrived here it was also the industry to which he planned to return.

But before he could go to work, Chuck was given the opportunity to take a 19-week culinary school certification here in the city. While he knew lots of what would be taught, there was still plenty more he could learn. And he did.

Chuck completed the course, received his certification and was given an entry-level opportunity at one of Baltimore’s better-known restaurants as a Cook 1. He was enthusiastic about the chance to prove himself.

After 1 week, Chuck was promoted to Cook 3! The brother knew his stuff and could demonstrate it.

Today Chuck’s cooking up a storm – for the LORD – and loving life like never before.

It still works…

…One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director