Proverb for the Day 3:16-17 — Wisdom Can Give Me What?…Are You Kidding Me!

Long life is in her right hand; in her left hand are riches and honor. Her ways are pleasant ways, and all her paths are peace.

Lady Wisdom seems to have it all going on here! What she has and where she is going suggests a way of life that sounds extremely attractive to many of us. 

She holds “in her right hand…left hand” things that we all care about – “long life,” “riches and honor.” “In her hand” suggests she’s ready – even willing – to pass them along to us.

“Her ways and all her paths” offer what is “pleasant” and “peace.” Seemingly, if we’re willing to go along with and hang out with her, we can experience this as well.

Stuff – like silver, gold and rubies (:14-15) – only offer so much. Many of us have had a bunch of that and still things didn’t work out very well. Lacking wisdom’s input, we generally use it all up inappropriately and don’t really appreciate any of it until after it’s gone.

With wisdom, we not only get “riches” (silver, gold and rubies), but all the other good stuff wisdom brings with her, as well. We actually can have it all…and keep it…and enjoy it…and even pass it on to others!

Long life, riches, honor, pleasant things and peace all come along as a package deal – accessible to everyone. We just need to understand that it’s wisdom which makes it all possible!