Focus on Recovery – Paul Bashore

By Gary Byers, Deputy Director

Like many guys at Helping Up Mission, Paul grew up with loving parents willing to do whatever they could to help him. Probably enabling him at times, they’ve always been in his corner.

Also common at HUM, Paul never finished high school. And when he was introduced to alcohol, he said, “more, more, more!!”

Comfortable being by himself, Paul was willing to travel for work. But after 3 DUI’s, he wasn’t driving anywhere – so he hitchhiked across the US.

After a few decades battling with alcohol, he wanted to stop. Interestingly, in New Orleans Paul got sober – for 18 months.

But the loner traveler took off again – hiking the Appalachian Trail. Not planning to drink, but – with no great plans not to – a month later, old Paul was back!

From the other side of the country, Paul’s loving parents helped again and got him to Baltimore. God brought him to HUM.

Once here, Paul became a great example of what can happen to a guy. He accepted our structure and spiritual focus and settled in.

He earned his high school diploma – his parents showed up for his graduation! And his job on campus was to help others earn their diplomas.

Then Paul graduated from our 1-year Program and continues on as a graduate intern. In college, he’s figured out how to combine his passion for art, his love of teaching and the need to “pass it on.”

It’s feeling good being Paul these days!