Feeling God’s Call…But Still Struggling With Alcohol!

This is Kenneth’s third time here at Helping Up Mission. Struggling with alcohol addiction for almost 3 decades, he’s never been able to string together more than 9 months clean during that entire period.

So, it might be surprising to hear that Kenneth’s been active in church ministry even longer than these 3 decades of addiction and really does have a spiritual connection to God. But that connection had not effectively empowered him over his addiction!

A gifted musician, Kenneth loves God and enjoys sharing his talents and heart with his church family on Sundays. In fact, Kenneth feels called to do ministry — but his dependence on alcohol has continued to interrupt the impact of his service.

This is now Kenneth’s third time in our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program. At 8 months, it’s also the longest.

He knows the Bible — even most of the lessons I teach in class! — but knowing lots of good information will never be enough!!

Kenneth’s battle is the same as for many of us. We know God and even trust Him for eternal life — but we struggle with being able to trust Him for today — one day at a time.

So I’ll suggest an answer that’s pretty simple — HOW: be HONEST with God about where I really am in my head today; be OPEN to what God is saying to me through people, places and things today; and be WILLING to do what I believe is the next right thing.

Kenneth’s been doing this and it’s working for him…today!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director