Full-Ride University Sports Scholarship…16 Years Later Going To Get That Degree!

At age 18, Mark graduated from a local high school, receiving a full-ride sports scholarship to a local university. He enjoyed playing but partying was way more fun than studying!

While he played three years, Mark didn’t have enough credits. He lost his scholarship and left school!

After a few years of various jobs, Mark got an opportunity in the iron working industry. It was a good career move but, by this time, he’d also added drugs to his chemical repertoire.

While making it okay, life wasn’t simple and things began spinning out of control. Then Mark injured his hand — due to his addiction — and was off work for an extended period.

For the first time in a decade, he started thinking about his college credits and decided to see what he had and what he could do with them. Transferring to a local community college he was able to receive his AA degree, only taking three additional courses.

Because he was still in active addiction, Mark says today that he knows there was an unseen Hand that helped him get through those classes!

He arrived at Helping Up Mission for our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program last year. Staying six months, Mark took a job and moved on. He came back again this year!

His second week back, our Weekly Character Quality: Security (see https://helpingupmission.org/character-qualities) spoke to him. Mark decided to make some real life changes.

Now a man on a mission, at 34, Mark focused on his spiritual recovery. He started feeling better on the inside. He decided he needed to build his life around something different — so it’s back to college!

He got his acceptance letter yesterday…Mark will start classes this fall to earn a BA in Human Services.

One Year at a Time…One Day at a Time…Whatever it Takes!
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director