HUM Entrepreneur

A young Baltimore guy with lots of skills and ambition — Bob also had an affinity for alcohol. Every place his skills and ambition took him, alcohol took away!

So, by 33, his skill set was dulling and his ambition was exhausted. Bob knew something needed to change.

Told about Helping Up Mission’s 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program, he decided to come here. Once he did, Bob consciously chose to focus on his recovery.

During that year, Bob also started developing new skills and he began having ambitions to step out and attempt new things again — but this time in Jesus’ name!

Graduating earlier this year, Bob decided to attend college and continue living on our campus in graduate transitional housing. He enrolled in a business entrepreneur-training program.

Bob and I talked this morning — it’s been 20 months since he first showed up at HUM. Now 35, he’s in the second-to-last semester of his program.

He meets regularly with his business mentor and I could see and hear Bob’s enthusiasm as he begins planning for his next career move.

Bob also talked about the importance of discipline and focus in his life today. Understanding his need to stay constructively busy, Bob’s created schedules and systems to accomplish his daily objectives.

There’s school and responsibilities here, also his 12 Step network and church ministry. But Bob particularly likes starting off each morning with a good word from the daily devotional Jesus Calling. 

For almost two years, I’ve watched him weather storms, stay the course and grow in his spiritual understanding of who he is under God’s plan.

I don’t exactly know where Bob’s heading, but I do know this…He who has started a good work in Bob will carry it on to completion…until the day of Christ Jesus!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director