I Need Justice! Proverb for the Day 29:26

Many seek an audience with a ruler, but it is from the LORD that one gets justice.
This is one of those wise sayings that describes how we tend to act…and the way it really is!

Because “a ruler” is in-charge, “many seek an audience” with him or her. And there’s really nothing wrong with that!

But the message here is that anyone who has a need, and tries enlisting the “ruler’s” support, should really understand…in the end, “it is from the LORD that one gets justice.”

In truth, God might lead us to “seek an audience with a ruler” and He might use that person to help us. But everything that God sees, knows and can do about what’s happening in our lives is so much more than any person who’s in-charge of anything!

While we don’t know any specifics about the petitioner’s request in this verse, “it is from the LORD that one gets justice.”

“Justice” in the Biblical world was an all-encompassing legal, spiritual and practical concept. Certainly not “getting even” with someone, and way more than just a legal ruling in our favor, “justice” actually represented the whole realm of governance in antiquity — creating good laws, enforcing the laws and making judicial decisions based on those laws.

I’d paraphrase the concept this way: “it is from the LORD that one gets all things governed well in their lives!” Now, that’s justice!

So, in the end, it would appear that the message of our verse is focus. I can either focus on people (places or things) — that I see are either the cause or answer to my problems…or I can focus on Him who will “govern well all in my life.”