Focus on Recovery – Drew Dedrick

By Tom Bond, Director of Programs

At HUM, we have 26 Biblical character qualities that we work to instill in the men we serve. I could not help but appreciate how well the character quality of patience fits Drew’s journey. One of the first things we say to men coming into the program on day one is “sit still, be patient, and listen for God”. You cannot hear God’s voice if you are constantly surrounded by chaos. When men arrive here, they are separated from the chaos of the outside world. For the first time in a long time (maybe ever for some) they can actually sit still and quietly wait on the Lord.

Drew’s story illustrates the power of patience and of the miracles that happen here every day! Drew sat still and he did not lean on his own understanding. Rather, he listened patiently to discern where God was leading him, and now he has been given the opportunity to join an incredibly dedicated group of HUM employees, many of whom were once program clients just like him. Moreover, this “grow your own” model creates a community with a culture built upon the very tenants of Jesus’ teachings. This culture of hope, love, and grace is something every visitor can feel in their soul the moment they pass through our front door. I urge you to come see for yourself!